Group Therapy

I deliver small group therapy sessions (6 people). The sessions take place weekly over a period of 10 weeks.

Due to COVID-19, there is currently no start date planned. 

Types of Groups


Group sessions can be exploratory, which means the group works with what each member presents in the session. Alternatively, it can be aimed at different themes, such as: 

  • Techniques to help you overcoming anxiety

  • How to live better with chronic pain

  • Women’s group for overcoming trauma

  • Wellbeing and moving away from depression.


All of the groups require the participants to explore the themes presented in the group through body movement therapy techniques and sometimes other creative tools. The goal is to help the expression of emotions and/or ideas primarily through movements and arts, complemented by verbal communication.


The group commits for 10 weeks and the cost is £300 for the 10 sessions which each last 1h30.

Please contact me if you would like more information.


Why choose group work?

Some individuals find that one-on-one therapy can be intimidating, and prefer the support of a group of people who may be struggling with the same issues.


  • Create a support network

  • Can be less intimidating than one-to-one

  • Peer feedback is very illuminating

  • Safe space to practise and enhance social skills which can be applied to daily life

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 "I enjoyed the interaction with the group and the possibility of having the space to be with myself".