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Individual Therapy

I offer one-to-one therapy online (via Zoom) and in-person (depending on current COVID-19 government guidelines) for adults, young people and children. Therapy sessions last for 50 minutes in a regular weekly slot.


Individual therapy offers you a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for you to talk about anything that is affecting your emotional wellbeing. At your own pace, we will explore the issues that you bring to therapy and bring insight into the reasons behind them, how these issues affect various areas of your life and find ways to manage or overcome them. 


Is therapy for me?

People usually come to therapy wanting help in one or more areas of their lives that they feel are holding them back. Some of these areas can be related to:


  • Childhood difficulties

  • Relationships

  • Work/education

  • Sexuality

  • Health

  • Family

  • Stress

  • Lack of emotional control


When a person is unhappy in one of these areas, they often experience emotional distress and can become depressed, anxious, ashamed, angry or fearful and can develop unhealthy behaviours such as addictions and self-harm in order to cope with these painful feelings.


What to expect

All problems are welcome in the therapy space. It can be difficult to talk about painful feelings and expose your vulnerabilities, but my ultimate goal is to empower you to feel good with yourself and in charge of your emotions in situations that are difficult for you. It can take time to build this trust with your therapist, which is essential to work deeply with the subjects you bring. This is why I offer an initial consultation session of 30 minutes for £25 for you to gain a perception of how it feels to work with me and if we feel that we are a right fit for each other. If you decide to commit, we will explore deeper with regular weekly sessions. 


We will start with an assessment to understand which areas of your life you need support with and to create goals together. After the initial assessment, we would schedule 8 sessions, followed by a review of your progress. In this time, you will also begin to learn techniques to cope with stressful situations which will enable you to make informed decisions that positively impact your life. 



£80  per session

I also offer 2 slots at the rate of £50 for clients on a low income. Please contact me if you struggle financially.



Online or face to face in Stokes Croft, Bristol (BS2).

 "I feel safe to talk about difficult subjects. Ana has a calm personality. I feel really understood and seen. Ana allows me to have the time I need to be able to open up without making me feel overwhelmed. It helped me to be more in the present moment and assertive of my needs/wants."


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